Thursday, June 9, 2016

76, 53, 19: Great Numbers, All

Two days ago, Jeff and I celebrated our 19th anniversary--a special milestone for us (and I hope to someday write more about that).  :)  But try as we may, we can never seem to get any closer to catching up with my parents who are celebrating their 53rd anniversary today!!  :)

Because of the security of their marriage, all my life I've been surrounded by a bubble of love and serenity--one I'm hoping to pass on to my own children--and I am incredibly grateful for the commitment my parents made to each other and to God 53 years ago!

There's another number that's meaningful to me now, and that is 76.  I've always been especially fond of that number because I was born in 1976 ("I'm a bicentennial baby!" I remember proudly thinking--and saying--as a child).  :)  But now it's even more significant because, ever since May 24, it's been the age of my dad!  :)

I never got around to posting about this at the time, but we celebrated his birthday a couple days early this year since we were heading to North Carolina on the actual day of his birthday.  He didn't mind, and German chocolate cake tastes good any day of the week.  :)

Probably no one else would look at the numbers 19, 53, and 76, and think that there was anything special about them (maybe they could be lottery numbers!) ;-).  But to me, they are a reminder of some of the most special people and events in my life, and evidence of long lives and long loves!

To me, that's way better than winning the lottery.  ;-)

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