Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Goodbye, Grandma!"

After four weeks and four days of staying here with us, Grandma Fisher flew back today to California.  It was, I believe, her longest stay with us and also, in my opinion, the best.  We got to have plenty of adventures together, but also enjoyed lots of regular ol' daily living.  I feel so blessed by these visits of hers!!
 We took time for a quick photo at the airport before she flew away.
 Benjamin wore an appropriate shirt for the occasion...
 ...although I'm not sure how Grandma Fisher feels about being called an alligator!  ;-)
 Mr. Smiles-a-Lot!  :)
The house feels strangely empty tonight, and I know that when I wake in the morning and walk downstairs, I won't see her sitting at the table, her vitamins and pills lined up in a neat row with her glass of water as she plays a game with one or more of the kids.

I won't have an extra lap for Benjamin to sit in when he wants to be held but I need to use my hands for other things.

I won't hear the hum of the washing machine, filled and started by someone other than me.  I won't come back to the kitchen to put the food away after a meal and find the task already done.  Most of all, we won't have her quiet, kind presence being a part of our daily life and graciously putting up with the noise and shenanigans of six children!

I was reminded today, as I hugged my mother-in-law goodbye with tears in my eyes, that I like arrivals better than departures.

Goodbye, Grandma!  We love you!  Come again soon!!

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Christine said...

Being a grandma, I love this post!
I love it even more because she is your mother-in-law!
She is adorable.