Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just Because You Prioritize Something...

...doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen.  Like my last blog post, for example--the one in which I made lofty statements about how important rest was and how I was going to do a better job of getting more sleep.

Yeah.  That didn't happen.

I posted that Thursday night, and here's how the rest of the night went.  I had the "pleasure" (cough, cough) of being awake at some point during every hour of the night except 5:00 a.m.  I was awake at 12-something, also at 1-something, at 2-something, at 3-something, at 4-something--blissfully slept through the 5:00 hour--but was awake at 6-something and at 7-something.  For some reason, Benjamin was up more often than he normally is; and on top of that, there were some barking dog issues that stole sleep from me.  The combination meant that I had the worst night I'd had in a long time.

I was not amused by the irony of posting something like this, and then having a horrible night of sleep.  Not amused at all.

However, on a brighter note, the next night of sleep, in comparison to that one, seemed pretty wonderful!  ;-)


Also on a brighter note, here are some pictures from a week ago.  We had guests over last Saturday for a simple supper of cheddar chowder (which, Josiah proclaimed, is now his favorite soup)  :)  and rustic herb bread and applesauce.  This is not the season of life for fancy meals for me, but it is the season for fun!  Having friends here to share a meal with and then play games with was a delight!  :)

 While a Settlers of Catan game was in progress, Erin skillfully and patiently taught the younger kids how to play Ticket to Ride, a new game for us.

 Of course, baby snuggles was a fun part of the evening.  :)

 These three ended the evening by drawing pictures and admiring each other's work.

 As I tiptoe out of the postpartum fog and back into "normal" life, having an evening like this was a helpful reminder for me that hospitality doesn't have to be lavish to be loving, and spending time with such kind friends is always a wise use of time.  I'm looking forward to doing this again!  :)

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