Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Storytime for Benjamin

We got home from several stops in town yesterday morning, and I set Benjamin's carseat down inside our house while I finished carrying things in from the van.  It wasn't long at all until Benjamin had some company.
 Moriah apparently decided that he would like to have some books read to him, so she did just that.  Except...
 ...she doesn't actually know how to read.  But since those books have been her favorites for a very long time, she did a passable impression of reading, complete with appropriate hand gestures.
 It was enthralling, truly; but her baby brother slept right through it.  Imagine that.
Someday she'll have a more appreciative audience, I'm sure; but even still, Moriah didn't look discouraged in the least.  What would I ever do without this girl to help me with Benjamin??  :)


Emily said...

What a sweet big sister!

sally said...

What wonderful, wonderful times!