Monday, October 5, 2015

Hands-Free Time

My hands--my TWO hands--haven't been spending much time on the computer keyboard together recently.  Oh, I manage to check in on the online world some, usually when I'm feeding Benjamin and have one hand free to use.  But my one-handed typing is slow enough that to try to write a blog post that way would be frustratingly snail-like.  And so, my blog is neglected--not from lack of desire to write or topics to write about, but simply because much of the time, my two hands are busy doing this...
...which is a pretty great thing for my hands to be doing.  :)

One of these days, Benjamin won't need held quite so much; but until that day comes, I'll savor these moments of snuggling with my littlest cuddle bug.  There's nothing quite like it in all the world.  :)

1 comment:

sally said...

Your hands (and heart) will never regret this choice!