Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This, Too, Is Part of Nesting

Late, very late, a couple of nights ago, I NEEDED to clean out the closet by the front door.

Others might have argued that what I really needed was sleep; but in my mind, sleep could wait.  Closet organization MUST occur.  ;-)

I didn't finish the project, but I got half of the closet done; and while working in that half, I pulled out our old camera--and when I say old, I mean about 10 and a half years old, which is practically ancient in technological terms.  It was the first digital camera we ever had, and Jeff got it for us when we lived in Israel and were awaiting the birth of David.  In recent years, it was the camera I would pull out and hand off to the kids to let them wander around and take pictures of whatever caught their eye; but even more, it was the camera I used to take short videos of the kids, since my "good" camera (a Canon Rebel) doesn't have video capability.  

That old camera has been slowly and steadily falling into a state of ruin, but I was hanging onto it in an effort to squeeze every bit of life out of it that I could.  Now, however, it's to the point where to even get it to turn on, I have to squeeze so hard on the battery compartment to hold it shut that it literally makes my hand hurt, and even then, I'm not always successful--not really an ideal way to try to take a photo or video.  ;-)  

Even though that camera has been around so long and has captured so many special moments in our family's life, I don't feel particularly sentimental about it, so I'm not sorry to see it go.  But of course, before I said farewell, I had to download all the photos and videos that were on it, because I am most assuredly sentimental about those!  ;-)

Like these photos that one of the boys took of Moriah when I was taking these photos of her, back in October of 2014.  :)
 Ooooo, scrumptious curls.  :)

And then there are the videos...  :)

On October 23, 2014, Shav decided to entertain me with a little electric piano music...played by his feet.  Well, why not relax while you're making music?  ;-)

Two little monkeys, who happened to be named David and Moriah, were having fun jumping on the bed on January 15 of this year.  :)

On April 17, David's 10th birthday, we gave him this.  :)

On April 22, I was trying to record Moriah singing "The Wheels on the Bus," but as you can see, she needed a little coaxing to get going with it.  Big brother Tobin to the rescue!  ;-)  (This video, incidentally, was just a smidgen too big, in terms of file size, to load directly to Blogger, so that's why only this video was put on YouTube first, and then onto the blog.  Just in case you were wondering...)  :)

By the way, it's not as if Moriah needed to sit in the Bumbo, of course; but every once in a while, she or one of the boys pulls it out of the closet in the baby's room and wants to sit in it, just for fun.  :)

Also on April 22, Moriah sang "Happy Birthday," remembering, I'm sure her big brother David's recent birthday as well as her own wonderfully exciting 3rd birthday!  :)

On May 8, I was noticing Moriah's ability to draw and talk...
...and sing the alphabet song.

And that's officially the end.  Goodbye, old faithful camera!  Thank you for capturing so many sweet moments during the past decade of our lives!  :)

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