Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Someday I'll Laugh about This {UTI Edition}

It started as vague discomfort this morning; but by 11:00 or so, it was raging.  A fast and furious version of a urinary tract infection had hit me out of nowhere, and OH.MY.WORD.

I haven't had many in my 39 years of life; but even when I have had them, it wasn't this bad.  Today's?  It was HORRIBLE.  I will henceforth have piles and piles of compassion for anyone else who suffers from a UTI because NOW I KNOW.

The good part of all of this is that I was immediately seen by my favorite family doctor :) who confirmed the diagnosis and started me on some amoxicillin; then later, when I called him again and begged for some pain relief, he went to the store and brought back some medicine specifically for that.  That's what I call service!  :)  But before the medicine really kicked in, I had about four hours of agony.

I was so, so grateful that Jeff's mom is here right now because she kept the household going and the kids fed and happy during my time of distress when I could do NOTHING.  But I did have to feed Benjamin, and this is where the someday-this-might-strike-me-as-funny part comes in.  I was stuck in the bathroom, afraid to venture too far from it, so there I was, simultaneously nursing my baby and taking care of other business, so to speak.  And then an awful foot cramp hit me, just like it did during this pregnancy, and all I could do was try to stand on it and hobble around the bathroom, dragging this heavy old foot behind me, trying desperately to get it to relax.  All the while, Benjamin was nursing--or trying to.  It wasn't the ideal setting for mother/son bonding, that's for sure!  ;-)

Tonight the foot cramp struck again, and I was so worn out from everything today that I went in Benjamin's room and sat down and just cried.  David came in and hugged me tenderly, then brought me a box of tissues and an ice pack to try to get my foot to feel better.  Josiah said later, "I've never seen you cry from physical pain before!"

I guess these boys are getting their education in how to deal with a difficult woman!  ;-)


Pam said...

Urinary Tract infections are terrible… I have had a couple of really bad ones in my life, so I do sympathize. I hope you are feeling better soon. Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby Benjamin; So happy for you all.

sally said...

Oh no! I've had them a couple times, but never quite as bad as this one sounds. I am so sorry! Praise the Lord for your MIL! I sure hope you are doing much better by now.