Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Human Isn't the Only New Life We're Waiting For

Jeff came home from work last Saturday with this neat contraption that one of his co-workers gave him...
...a special home for a caterpillar so we could watch it transform into a monarch butterfly!
The caterpillar was included.  :)  So were the leaves and everything it needed to do its stuff and make its big change.
Sunday evening, the caterpillar went into the "J" shape that they do before forming their chrysalis and was still that way on Monday morning.  I kept looking at it, every so often, hoping to see it actually in the process of making the chrysalis. Well, wouldn't you know, I missed it!  Tobin was the one to discover it in the chrysalis, and he excitedly announced the news to all of us.  :)  I don't know how long the process of making the chrysalis takes, but I sure didn't look at it at the right time!
It's such a perfect little green gem hanging there by such a delicate strand.  The whole process is AMAZING to me, how the caterpillar changes in there to a butterfly.  What a miracle!

Now we're on the lookout for the butterfly to emerge, although that won't happen for a while yet.  I'm pretty sure our human baby will arrive on the scene before this butterfly will, since it's supposed to take something like 10-14 days for the butterfly.  But who will be first?  Who knows?  :)

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