Friday, September 18, 2015

Everything Is a First

Every day and night that passes without me getting more of Benjamin's birth story posted makes me feel guilty.  I am so eager to get it written and shared!

But since I can much more easily throw some pictures into a blog post and call it done while holding my baby, that's the kind of post that's more likely to show up these days!  Writing a birth story is a two-hand job, and my time available for two-handed tasks is rather limited.  But I do hope to get to it soon!

As it is, here's another one of those picture-heavy, word-light posts.  :)

When you're newly born, everything is a first.  Monday is the first Monday of your (born) life, Tuesday is the first Tuesday, etc.  And this, for sweet Benjamin, was his first time in the swing.  :)
 The boys were concerned that the picture would be blurry because of the motion of the swing, so I took one with flash.  It amused me that they thought of that.

And this bath was Benjamin's first bath (at home).  
 Not a real bath yet, because of his umbilical cord stump...
 ...but enough to make him fresh and sweet-smelling.  :)
 And this was his first time wearing this outfit--one which Tobin and Shav particularly liked.

 And this was his first Thursday night snuggle session on the couch with Mommy.  :)

But surely not his last.  :)


Valerie said...

Oh my Davene, he is just SO CUTE! Love all the pictures.

sally said...

I loved the pictures! He is adorable, and I cannot get over how GOOD you look! You don't looked tired, anemic, puffed up with fluid from swelling, or anything. I know you are soaking up all the wonderfulness of these days that you can. It must be doing you a lot of good too!