Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Exodus Begins

Today was the day.  Seven weeks and one day after Willow gave birth to 10 puppies while a historic snowstorm raged outside, the time came for the puppies to start moving on to their new homes.

It was a bittersweet day: bitter because, although we knew from the beginning that we would be giving these little puppies away, our hearts got attached to them anyway...but sweet because we got to give the first two away to people who are friends of ours.  Not only do we know that they will take great care of the pups, we're also fortunate enough to get to occasionally see pictures and hear updates from the families about how the puppies are doing!  That is a great comfort.  :)

Oliver, the puppy Tobin named, was such a popular little fellow that it was no wonder he was the first to go. 
But first, extra cuddles and kisses.
 We gave Oliver to our friend Jane and her family...
 ...and they were thrilled.
All evening I watched various members of their family post pictures on Facebook of Oliver (whom they renamed Finn) and gush about how much they love him.  He went to a GOOD home indeed!!

And then it was Koda's turn.  This little...uh, scratch that...BIG guy (at our most recent weigh-in, he was the heaviest again) was the sixth-born which means that I got to name him, giving him a name that means "friend."
 Jen and her family deliberated for a long time and carefully observed the puppies before making their final decision.  I was thrilled when they chose "my" puppy!  :)
 She, too, sent me pictures and updates tonight about how Koda is doing in his new home, and it's obvious that he will be very well taken care of.
I mean, who wouldn't love this adorable puppy anyway??  :)
I was dreading the emotions of this day (and truthfully, I didn't cry until I saw the sadness of some of my children--Shav, in particular, was mournful); but now that it's over, I can drop the dread like autumn leaves and simply let the rejoicing remain.  Because having such wonderful families to love on these sweet puppies is a cause for great joy indeed!!  :)


sally said...

I can only imagine it is almost like a family member leaving. However, you have carefully omitted so much that went into these puppies lives---all that you sacrificed to give nurture, attention, and love to 10 puppies! I'm sure there will be sweet and wonderful things to fill that time when they have gone to their individual homes.

Carol Slater said...

I am sure that your children were sad to see the puppies leave. Remind them that the puppies are now giving joy to others.