Friday, March 25, 2016

Celebrating a Four-Year-Old's Birthday (in the Middle of a Week of Celebration!)

There have been so many meaningful moments during this week of visits from extended family that I can't even count them anymore.  I feel a little breathless from the whirl of it all, and it's not over yet.  :)

These are the kind of days that I would like to make a video of, to replay in the future and remember how it was to be together, face to face, in the same corner of God's big earth.  But since taking a video of each day from beginning to end is slightly impractical ;-), I'll content myself with grabbing snippets of the special events of this week.

One of those was the fourth birthday of Jayden, the son of my cousin Doreen.  To celebrate, we had birthday cake at home for him and then went to our local indoor mini golf place to play a round.  I didn't take my good camera, but here are some (inferior) cell phone pictures to jog my memory in years to come.  :)
 My aunt had only played mini golf one other time in her life, and that was something like 48 years ago!!  Despite her lack of experience, she did really well and even got a hole-in-one on two different holes!  :)
Benjamin was perfectly content to stay in his seat and watch all the action.  I had expected that he would need me to hold him, but he didn't, thus making the evening a little easier for me as I juggled my roles of scorekeeper and watcher of lots of children.  :)

At the end of the evening, Josiah was the overall winner with a score of 39.  But actually, all of us who had fun there together and made a special memory for a new four-year-old boy are the real winners!  :)

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