Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bolt Grows Up

Every time I see Bolt, who is now seven weeks old, sleeping on his side like this...

...I remember this picture of him, taken about six and a half weeks ago, sleeping on his side next to Benjamin.
We all know that kids grow up fast, but at least they don't grow up as fast as puppies do!  Even though at times it's been a little overwhelming having 10 puppies in our home, I'm getting a little misty-eyed at the thought of saying goodbye to them soon, my consolation being that they're going to really great families.  This was an adventure I wasn't sure I wanted, but I've enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would.  Having these puppies around has made this winter fly by for me.  I can hardly believe they're about ready to fly the nest!  (Except they're dogs, not birds, and they can't fly.  But you know what I mean.)  ;-)

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Carol Slater said...

My those puppies sure have grown!