Sunday, May 24, 2015

He Told Us Not to Make a Big Fuss...

...but you just can't let your dad turn 75 years old without at least mentioning it!!!  :)

So, in honor of the occasion, how about a walk down Memory Lane?  :)

First up is a photo of my parents on December 3, 1995, at a Victorian Christmas Dinner at Messiah College.  Despite the three hours or so that it took to drive from our home to my college, my parents very faithfully made the trip for a variety of functions I was involved in; and I was always grateful for their presence at such events!  :)
 Next is a photo of my parents on November 29, 1996, at a party they threw to celebrate my engagement to Jeff and my brother David's graduation from college, as well as his then-girlfriend Lori's graduation, also from Messiah College.  Just over a month later, David would propose to Lori; but at this point, they weren't officially engaged.  We were delighted when they did--finally!--become engaged.  :)  Another reason for this occasion was so that our Virginia friends could meet this stranger from California who had stolen my heart and would soon take me away to the West Coast.  ;-)
I'm not sure of the date of this next picture, but I'll tell you the story.  A mysterious odor had invaded my parents' house; and despite their best efforts to locate and eliminate the source, they were unsuccessful for quite a while.  Finally, someone had the bright idea to turn the recliner over to check what might be underneath; and lo and behold, a dead mouse was found.  My dad had the honor of dealing with the varmint, and Mom apparently found the whole thing hysterical.  So did do I.  :)
My dad has a soft side; and in this case, it came out in an unexpected gift of red roses he brought home for my mom one night.  What a sweetie.  :)
You might be wondering if we had a cake for this momentous occasion of 75 years of life, but we did not.  Not yet anyway.  That will come tomorrow when others of the family will be joining us.  :)  We did, however, have meatloaf, by Dad's special request, for lunch after church.

And tomorrow the celebration continues!  :)


sally said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Your parents have always been such a wonderful, lovely couple. I enjoyed visiting with your dad, even for just a little bit after the concert last Monday.

Did you notice that it looks like your mom is wearing the same dress in the last two photos? I wondered if the mouse and the flowers were all on the same day.

Davene Grace said...

Sally, I wondered the same thing! :) Dad's clothes are different though: in the mouse pictures, it looks like he might have been working outside in the garden. So I don't know! Maybe Dad will remember. :)