Saturday, February 4, 2017

(A Day in the Life of) My Kitchen Table

10:07 am - One late-riser hasn't eaten breakfast yet.
11:26 am - Cleared off after breakfast.
12:57 pm - Lunch (Josiah's place is empty, since he was working at the barber shop today).

1:28 pm - Most of the children have finished and moved on to other activities, and I am getting ready for my lunch.

1:42 pm - Oh, how I love my midday break: food and a book!
3:01 pm - Cleared off after lunch.
3:56 pm - Set for supper.
5:35 pm - Chips & salsa on the table, a staple in Jeff's diet.
6:05 pm - Hungry children begin to gather, excited about the taquitos their daddy is making.

6:23 pm - Supper, with all the places filled.

6:47 pm - The aftermath.
7:49 pm - Cleared off after supper.
11:55 pm - My most important food of the day.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Have a great day :)