Friday, February 17, 2017

The Things She Says

At four years of age (almost five!), Moriah is at the very fun stage of verbal development in which I can understand almost everything she says, but she occasionally says things in unique ways, revealing the sometimes-humorous way children learn language .  For example, earlier today she said, "I'm make-suring..."  And that makes sense!  Why shouldn't we say that instead of "making sure"?  ;-)

A couple days ago, she was thinking ahead to her future and asked a question that sounded to my ears like, "When I'm seven, will I be in Olive Garden?"  When I repeated it to her to confirm that that was indeed what she said, she told me it was--but I really think she meant "kindergarten."  ;-)  But hey, if she ends up doing kindergarten when she's five, working in Daddy's garden when she's six, then going to Olive Garden when she's seven, that would be fine with me!  :)

Recently, Moriah was wondering what my middle name is.  Since her middle name is Davene, she thought my name might be Davene Davene Fisher.  :)  I told her that it is actually Grace, and she repeated my full name aloud.  Later however, when we were riding in the van, she was trying to tell Shav about her discovery.  "Just to let you know, Shav," she began, "Mom's real name isn't Mom."

"I know," he said, a little wearily; but undeterred, she marched ahead with her proclamation.

"It's actually Mom Grace Fisher!!"  :)

I sure do love her and all her funny little mix-ups!  :)
~ Moriah with all her little monkeys...she wanted me to take this picture to send to her Uncle Mike Fisher because he loves monkeys, too ~

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