Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day, After More than Half a Century Together

It's been a lovely Valentine's Day; but for tonight, rather than describe my own day, I want to record a little something my dad told me about how he celebrated.

In his basement, he had found a box which contained Valentine's cards that he and my mom had given to each other through the years.  As he was looking through it, he discovered one from 1986 that he really liked, so rather than going out and buying a new card for Mom, he gave the 31-year-old card to her again!  Isn't that hysterical?!?!  :)  :)  :)  I love that for so many reasons!  :)
~ my parents, leaving my house on a recent Sunday after having lunch here with us ~

Another great thing about my dad: yesterday afternoon, I was stricken with a HORRIBLE headache and realized to my dismay that I absolutely could not drive the boys to children's choir rehearsal.  I tried to think of who could take them and ended up calling several people, but nothing was working out.  My dad was not at home--he was volunteering at Gift & Thrift, like he does on a regular basis--but because of my desperation and inability to find anyone else who could help, he left Gift & Thrift, drove home, picked up my boys, and took them to choir before returning to Gift &  Thrift to finish out his shift.

One of his strengths is his willingness to make himself available and meet the needs of others, and he demonstrated that once again during my time of distress yesterday.  I was so grateful!

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