Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Is Leaving with Utmost Grace

It's not always this way; but this year, summer's warmth has lingered so much that here we are at the end of October, and there have only been a handful of times when I've needed to build a fire in our woodstove.  We may have had a touch of frost a time or two, but not a hard killing one.  The grass is still green, and outdoor playtime is still most enjoyable.

The only downside to all of this lovely warmth is that, without cold temperatures to help the color change, the leaves on the trees are not their most brilliant.  But this year, I don't mind trading vibrant color for increased savings on heating costs; I sure haven't burned much of our wood supply!  :)

Tobin would mention another downside if he were writing this post.  The other day, he prayed that it would get really cold so that all the weeds in his garden would die!  ;-)

Meanwhile, the rest of us don't mind the warmth...and being outside without jackets...and having bare feet.

Yesterday, David took Benjamin on the trampoline (a first, I think?), and both boys were as happy as clams.  Benjamin loves to sit on a soft surface, like a bed, and bounce, so the trampoline was a perfect place for him to hang out...and David, who knows to be very careful with his littlest brother, was the perfect person to watch over him.  :)

Another gift that this end of October brought us was my mother's presence with us today for lunch after church.  To think that just a week and a half ago, she had her fall and spent several days in the hospital, and now here she is, able to be with us--well, it's a marvel!

Since we hadn't been able to have her customary birthday cake--homemade angel food cake--last week, we made up for it today.  :)

Life has been extra sweet, as October of 2016 bids us farewell.

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