Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Dearest Little Girl I Know

This morning we awoke to find our big picture window covered with condensation--a perfect, large canvas for little hands (and big hands--I think most of the hand prints are from David!) to decorate.  :)
 As I watched Moriah, I thought, "I have GOT to grab my camera to try to capture the beauty of this girl and this morning."
 This girl who, by the way, officially turned four and a half years old today!  :)

 That little dog she's holding?  She bought it yesterday with her own money--one of the first, if not THE first, purchase she's made for herself.
 She named him Brownie, used a glow bracelet as a collar for him...
 ...and held him up to the window so he could leave paw prints, too.  :)

After lunch, I asked Moriah if I could take some pictures of her.
 You see, she's wearing a very special dress--one that was sent to me by my friend Margie.
 Moriah has worn it before, but I hadn't managed to take pictures when she was so I wanted to do it today.  Soon it will likely be too cool for this dress, although adding a sweater to it today made it work on this crisp morning; but I'm grateful that the dress is big enough that Moriah will surely be able to wear it again next year.  :)
 My plan was to take pictures of the dress...
 ...but then I kept taking pictures of the freckles.  :)
 Oh, how I love those sweet brown dots!  :)

Oh, how I love this girl who lights up my life with her infectious smile.  :)

Just in case I haven't mentioned it recently, let me say it again: I am brought to my knees in gratitude because of the gift that it is to have this daughter.

She's the dearest little girl I've ever known.  ♥

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Sally said...

All I can say is, I'm so glad you have a daughter! I love my girls (and my boy) so very much.