Saturday, October 22, 2016


It was a phone call, first thing Wednesday morning, from my dad that delivered the news to me that my mother had had a fall serious enough to require hospitalization; and it was a phone call, today, from my dad that delivered the news to me that my mother, quite surprisingly, was being discharged!!!

My sister Donna had taken him over to UVA to visit my mom; and we, heeding the advice of the nurse practitioner yesterday, did not expect Mother to be well enough to leave the hospital today, or tomorrow, and even Monday wasn't a sure thing.  So I had absolutely no idea that, when I was talking to Dad on the phone, he would give me the incredible news that they were releasing her!  I could hardly believe it!

The joy in his voice was palpable as much of the stress of the past few days melted away.  What sweet relief!

Mother was taken by ambulance to Bridgewater Home; but since she still needs a little extra care, she is not yet back in the Gardner Wing (the Alzheimer's unit of the assisted living facilities).  We're still hoping that she will recover enough to get there though--and after seeing how much her condition improved from just a day or two ago, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens!  :)

My brother David happened to be in town this weekend, so he and Dad went over to visit Mom.  David even took a selfie with her.  :)
Doesn't she look great?!?!  :)

Of less significance, I think the white hair my mother has is rubbing off on my brother, because look at that chin of his!  ;-)

It's not hard to rejoice on a day like today, and tonight my heart is bubbling over with gratitude for God's tender mercies and healing hand!

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