Sunday, October 23, 2016

An Unusual Sunday Morning Visitor

Usually, Sunday mornings are for getting children dressed in nicer-than-normal clothes, preparing food for Sunday lunch, and sometimes practicing music for our church service.  Sunday mornings are not normally for visiting.

But today it was.  :)

My brother David, who lives three states away, was down here for a quick trip to let his senior-in-high-school daughter check out one of our local universities; and before he headed back home, he took some time this morning to kick back and hang out with us.

The kids were delighted, excitedly showing him their LEGO creations and telling him their crazy dreams and sharing their stuffed animals with him and drawing pictures for him to take back to Pennsylvania.  I was delighted, too, but I could hardly get a word in edgewise because of all their happy chatter!  ;-)

It is always a treat to get to spend time with Big David!!  :)

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Sally said...

What a blessing! I love seeing pictures of your family.