Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Half of Life I Never Think About

This morning, a thought floated idly through my head: "I wonder when is the last time we had tires replaced on our vehicles."  And then the thought went on its way, not requiring either more time or effort on my part.  "Thank goodness I don't have to think about stuff like THAT!" I might have thought as it exited my mind.

It's true: I DON'T have to think about stuff like that.  I don't, because he does.
Later in the day, as I went about the many mindless tasks that occupy my hands each day, I thought about it further and came to the conclusion that, out of the multitude of tasks that are necessary to sustain life as we know it, roughly half are things I never, ever have to worry about.  Want some examples?

~ I never have to look up the number of the man who brings us wood for our woodstove and call him to ask for another load.

~ I never have to try to figure out how much we owe in taxes.

~ I never have to pay the water bill...or the electric bill...or the gas bill for the propane for our kitchen stove.

~ I never have to fire up the chainsaw and cut down trees or brush around here.  In addition, I never have to take a chainsaw apart and figure out what's wrong with it and how to fix it so aforementioned trees and brush can be cut up.

~ I never have to carefully plan the month's expenditures to ensure that when our mortgage is due, we have the money for it.

~ I never have to think about what investments are worthwhile...and which are as worthless as using money as mulch for the garden.

~ I never have to wonder what the clanking noise is under the van...and make an appointment for it to be checked...and then pay the bill.

~ I never have to think about which disability insurance would be best for us, in the tragic event that our main breadwinner would be injured and unable to provide for us.

~ I never have to think about how many miles it's been since the last oil change in our vans.

~ I never have to give the boys haircuts...or make appointments and take them to someone else to ensure that they look their best.

~ I never have to check our bank account online to make sure it is correct.

~ I never have to think about the thousand and one decisions that go into running a business--everything from personnel decisions, to what color paint should go on the walls, to hours and rates, to handling disputes between workers who *occasionally* disagree ;-), all while keeping the customers happy.

~ I never have to worry about how we'll pay for the half of beef we buy annually to provide food for our growing family all year long.

~ I never have to consider life insurance policies.

~ And best of all, I never have to worry that my children will grow up without knowing the warmth and security of a father's wholehearted, devoted love and guidance.

These things--and so much more--are items that never show up on my to-do list and never trouble my mind; and for that, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jeff, who capably and uncomplainingly shoulders the load of providing for and leading our family.

Sometimes people look at me and the roles I fill as mom-of-six, homeschooler, homemaker, etc. and ask me, "How do you do it all?"  But the ones I really marvel at are singles--whether single moms or singles without kids--who go through life dealing with ALL of it: the financial obligations, the house repairs, the work pressures, and yes, even things like when was the last time new tires were put on the car.  I take my hat off to those who find themselves in that situation.  I know some in real life who are worthy of the utmost respect.

Without a doubt, my life is easier because of all the responsibilities Jeff handles--the ones I never give a thought to.  With him as my partner, I deal with so much less than I would have to otherwise.

We're a very good team.  :)


sally said...

My question is, does he handle all this because you don't worry about it, or do you not worry about it because he handles it? Either way, it's beautiful how you two make things work!

Davene Grace said...

I think I don't worry about it because I know he is faithful and trustworthy to handle it! :) I know Jeff and I talked some about roles before we got married, but I think we also kind of grew into our roles, figuring out what each of us was good at and wanted to be responsible for. From the beginning of our marriage, Jeff has provided for us so well that I really have never had to shoulder financial burdens (besides making an effort to live frugally, which I would do even if we had a million dollars in the bank, because I think frugal living is fun). :)