Saturday, April 16, 2016

An Afternoon Visit with Grandma

This afternoon, while David had his gymnastics class and Josiah swept up hair at the barber shop, the younger four children and I had just enough time to go to Bridgewater Home and pop in to see my mom.
She was finishing her lunch when we arrived...
...but was, of course, very happy to see this quartet of grandchildren: Moriah, Tobin, Benjamin, and Superman.  :)
Before too long, we headed for the patio to soak up the gorgeous sunshine of a lovely spring day (and to let the children run back and forth without bothering any of the residents with their noise and energy).  :)
Lola was on the patio, too, and warmly greeted Benjamin (whom she ALWAYS refers to as "she," no matter how many times I refer to him as "he"!).  :)
She has a beautiful soul, and her kindness pours out to us every time we visit.
I don't know this lady's name, but she is fast becoming a favorite of ours, too.
She and Tobin walked around and looked at some things in the flowerbeds and some craft projects the residents had done.
We didn't have time to stay for a long visit, but it was well worth it to spend our early afternoon doing this.
We left Lola and Grandma sitting in the sunshine, but we sure carried a piece of that sunshine home with us!  :)

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Mary Jo Hulvey said...

Beautiful pics of your visit to BRC yesterday. Loved seeing my mom, Anne, hugging the young boy. She loves children and am sure your visit with the kids brightened her day too. Thank you!