Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Prettiest Pilgrimage

Ever since Moriah was four days old, lilacs have held a special meaning for me.  They've long been one of my favorite flowers, but now they are inextricably tied up in my love and gratitude for my daughter.  And that is why our annual tradition of making the pilgrimage, Moriah and I, to the lilac bushes when they bloom is such a sweet part of springtime!  (Previous pilgrimages can be seen here:  2013, 2014, and 2015.)

Today was the day for this most beautiful of springtime outings!  :)

Moriah really got into smelling them this year.  It's not necessary to hold them so close to one's nose to sniff them, however, since as soon as you walk out into the backyard, the scent is present!  :)

 At this point in the photo shoot, Moriah's smile was getting a little tired and a little artificial, so we started playing peek-a-boo behind the flowers, and that was the trick to get her to smile more naturally...and we even got some good laughs, too.  :)

Lilacs + Moriah = almost too much beauty for my heart to hold!!  What a gift to have the opportunity to continue this tradition of making the prettiest pilgrimage of the year with my daughter!  :)

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