Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Last Puppy Weighing

My friend Jane, who adopted Oliver (renamed Finn) and Redemptress (renamed Chara, which means "joy" in Greek), sent me a text earlier today, telling me that Finn now weighs 15+ pounds and Chara is just under 17 pounds.  And Jen, who adopted Koda, sent me a message on Wednesday that Koda is now 21 pounds.  I LOVE hearing from the new owners of the puppies!!  :)
Jane's text reminded me that, in the Drafts section of my blog, I had a post I had started before we even gave one puppy away.  Two days before Oliver left in Jane's arms, we, knowing that the first departures were surely soon, had weighed all the puppies for one last time.  The first recorded weigh-in is here, the second is here, and the third is here.  And now, weeks later, here is the fourth and final.
On March 11 (6 weeks, 6 days old), the puppies weighed...
1. Princess - 9.25 pounds
2. Bolt - 11.25 pounds
3. Oliver - 11.25 pounds
4. Mystery - 10.6 pounds
5. Redemptress - 11.6 pounds
6. Koda - 12.5 pounds
7. Sheva 9.75 pounds
8. Sofia - 10 pounds
9. Jubilee - 9 pounds
10. Judea - 10.75 pounds
When the puppies were very little, we were able to weigh them directly on this scale.  When they got bigger, we used a plastic bowl.  But for this round, we had to use an even bigger bowl...and even so, it wasn't the easiest thing to keep them still enough for their weigh to accurately display.  Jeff was in charge of the weighing, and he repeated the process for a few of them, just to make sure the results he was recording were right.
And all of us helped--bringing the puppies to him, making sure each one had their turn, and of course, snuggling the puppies.
As happy as I am that we found homes for all the puppies, I sure do miss those puppy snuggles...

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Haha! Love the pictures of your adorable puppies!