Thursday, February 25, 2016

Weighing the Puppies

That sick bay picture I posted yesterday?  If I had waited until evening, I could have included David and me in it.  Yes, that horrendous stomach bug that started with Tobin very early on Sunday morning has now been passed from him to Shav and then to Moriah, then on to David, and lastly (for now) to me.  We're a sharing bunch around here!

I haven't fully recovered my strength yet, but wanted to quickly post the stats of our puppies' latest weigh-in.  Before the sickness hit me yesterday evening, I helped Jeff weigh all the puppies at one month and one day of life.  It confirmed what our eyes and our arms had already told us: they are really growing.  :)
 Because they've gotten big and wiggly enough to not stay very well on the scale, we put a plastic bowl on it first and then plopped them in that.  It worked OK for this time, but next time we'll probably have to use a bigger container.  :)
 There were a few surprises.  Bolt, for example, has been our big guy all along; but yesterday he had dropped to third in the rankings!  The brown twin-looking puppies, Koda and Mystery, had surpassed him.  Princess is still the lightest, and Jubilee isn't much more.  Sweet little petite girls.  :)
 So here were the results, in birth order:
1. Princess - 4.4 pounds
2. Bolt - 6.0 pounds
3. Oliver - 5.75 pounds
4. Mystery - 6.1 pounds
5. Redemptress - 5.1 pounds
6. Koda - 6.6 pounds
7. Sheva - 4.7 pounds
8. Sofia - 5.0 pounds
9. Jubilee - 4.6 pounds
10. Judea - 5.4 pounds
Previous puppy weigh-ins are here (at two weeks and a day) and here (at three weeks and a day).

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