Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Puppies Venture Out

It was such a beautiful day today that, after we got home from our church service, Jeff opened the door and, for the first time, let the puppies tumble out into the big bright sunshine!  (An appropriate soundtrack would be "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin.)  ;-) 

They romped and played--with Willow and with us.  Sweetie pies, all.  :)
 The picture below shows Willow with Jubilee and Oliver.  I was just snapping pictures quickly and didn't even pay attention to who was in what photo, but I'm glad to have this one because those two puppies have always reminded me the most of Willow.  Jubilee is the brown and white part of Willow, and Oliver is the black and white part (although he's showing more brown as he gets older).  :)
That's probably Koda under Jeff's chair; but unless I see the tip of the tail to see if it's white, I can't tell for certain if it's him or his big sister Mystery.

 Sheva checked out my feet...
 ...then forsook me to go over to Shav.  :)

I love this series of photos of David with "his" puppy Mystery.  :)

 I'm sorry, Sofia; I can't pick you up right now, although I know you would like me to!

 Tobin with "his" puppy Oliver.
 There is so much to see and smell and touch and taste in the great big world!

When we finally put the puppies back into their enclosure, they were so tuckered out that even when Tobin went in to be with them, they slept on.
 Dear tired little puppies.  :)
With more warm days in the forecast, we're looking forward to more chances to let them explore the great outdoors.  :)

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Emily said...

I love the picture of David - such pure joy in his face! Oh I want one of your puppies so badly. They are so sweet!!