Friday, February 19, 2016

The View from Here {Tournament Week}

Life has been a little different this week.

Well, make that a lot different.

Josiah's participation in a speech and debate tournament means that instead of seeing the things I normally look at, I've been enjoying different views the past few days.  Things like this downtown landmark...
 ...and this selfie in a bathroom (I feel like such a teenager...or would, if I were taking the picture with a phone instead of a real camera)...
 ...and this great group of young people (and about 130 other ones not included in this picture).
More to come, once I catch my breath and my introverted self recovers enough to have words to share once more.  :)

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sally said...

I got to listen to some very outstanding speakers while I was judging apologetics! What a great experience for these kids, and I'm glad Josiah is a part of this.