Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Something New in the Crib

One day last week, I walked into Benjamin's room to get him up from a nap and discovered that he was still sleeping.  
 "Perfect!" I thought as I hurried back downstairs to grab my camera and a puppy.
 I gently placed Judea in the crib and waited to see what she would do.
She did exactly what you would expect a two-week-old puppy to do: snuggled up to the closest warm body.  :)
I'm fairly certain that in neither the history of this house (the house to which I was brought as a newborn and in which I grew up) nor the history of this crib (the one we bought in California before Josiah was born and then moved later to Virginia to use for all six of our children), has a puppy ever been in a crib before.

I guess there's a first time for everything.  ;-)


Carol Slater said...

Such a cute photo. I love the way the puppy just laid right down and curled up next to the baby.

Anonymous said...

Judea looks like she loves Benjamin :)

Emily said...

Adorable!! I so want one of your puppies!