Friday, February 26, 2016

Cuddles with Benjamin

Sometimes I say to one of my older children, "Will you please hold Benjamin while I...put some wood in the stove/switch the laundry/take this casserole out of the oven/answer the phone/give this food to the puppies/something similar?"  And they very willingly hold out their arms for their littlest brother.  But many times, it goes the other way: they ask me if they can hold him--or as is happening more often these days, they just hold him!  I put him down in the bouncy seat and find him in David's arms.  I set him in the swing and turn around to discover that Tobin's got him.  I place him on the couch and put pillows around him to keep him safe, and then Josiah picks him up and holds him.  It's a delightful situation to be in.  :)
I will never grow tired of seeing my children lavish love upon each other.  
Nope, never, never, never get tired of that.  :)

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Carol Slater said...

It is great to see the boys taking some of the cuddle responsibility for Benjamin. It is nice to see siblings get along.