Saturday, January 23, 2016

Where I've Been

I haven't been spending as much time blogging as I normally do, and here is my explanation.

I've been away.

First, I was in Albania.  Yes, thanks to a fascinating book that I checked out of the library and devoured in my spare minutes (Savage Will by Timothy M. Gay), I was in Albania in 1943, trapped with a group of American nurses and medics behind Nazi lines.  We just barely made it out of there alive.  Whew!

After that, I was preoccupied with admiring my favorite man and my favorite baby.  
Jeff has had the magic touch with Benjamin recently, and I have relished the sight of these two cuddling together.  One day recently, Jeff was reading the Bible while he held his littlest son; and he happened to be in the 2nd chapter of Ezra, which could be a strong contender for most boring chapter of the Bible, if there were ever such a prize.  But Jeff was reading it out loud to Benjamin, who was cracking up, giving a delightful little chuckle after each phrase.  That section of Ezra has never before been so entertaining! (And will perhaps never be again!)  :)

After that, I got a little cold.  Nothing serious, just bothersome enough to make me eager for bed at night, rather than looking forward to time to sit up late and blog.

And then we got a snowstorm.  You might have heard it mentioned in the news once or twice.  ;-)  A storm by the name of Jonas.  (Who decided that winter storms needed to have names anyway?  Were they jealous of hurricanes' status?)

Even that historic storm was eclipsed--at least in this little corner of the world--by another historic event.  Our dog Willow had puppies today.
10 to be exact.
Yes, 10.

That's a lot of puppies.  That's a lot of excitement!  More pictures of these six little girls and four little guys to come!!  :)

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Carol Slater said...

I have also been reading lately more than I normally do. I have to start working my Pink Zebra business again in Feb. but until I will continue to read and enjoy the cold and snow that Jan. brings.