Sunday, January 10, 2016

Moriah Loves to Watch Videos of Herself...

...and so do I.  If I enjoy doing this when I'm 39 and she's 3, how much more will I love watching these snippets of life when she is 39 and I'm 75?  :)

Ever since our old camera (the one I could use to take little videos) died, I haven't been very faithful to capture these moments; but on Christmas Eve, I happened to think of it, so I used Jeff's phone to catch Moriah in action.  :)

Moriah has been asking me to read this alphabet book to her recently.  Well, there's no reason she can't help to read it!  :)  Saturday evening, she showed Jeff what she could do.  :)

Jeff took a few videos of her this evening.  She was having so much fun hiding in this box...

...and eating "ice cweam"--ON THE COUCH.  That usually never happens here.  :)
These are just pieces of our ordinary life; but oh, they are precious to me.

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