Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My 3rd and My 6th

Today Tobin turned 8 years old.

Tomorrow Benjamin turns 4 months old.

Every day I thank God for the honor of having these two boys, my multiples of three, in my family.  :)
I plan to write more about both of these significant occasions; but tonight as I was thinking about these two special boys, I remembered that in my Drafts folder, I had a post started about them, featuring pictures that I took...well, I'm not sure when...but I know it was quite a while back because Benjamin had significantly more dark hair in these pictures than he does now.  ;-)
That resolution I made to get more sleep hasn't been working out too well for me because I've had numerous night interruptions recently--not just the expected ones from Benjamin, but unexpected ones from Tobin, Shav, and Moriah (bad dreams and the like)--and other interruptions from the dog when she needs to go out in the night.  So even though I'm tempted to stay up later tonight to work on Tobin's birthday post, I'm going to resist temptation and try to get a few more winks than I've been able to get recently.  We'll see how that works out.  ;-)
But what I want to say tonight is that one of the very precious things I've noticed about Tobin during this past year is how much he has enjoyed holding Benjamin.  When Moriah was born, Tobin was still young enough that the baby-holding he did was enjoyable to him but needed supervision from me.  This time around, it's different.  Tobin has proven himself trustworthy to pick up and hold Benjamin (and even to hold him while he, Tobin, is standing up, which I've discovered is A Big Deal to Tobin); and he often spends time with his littlest brother.  Plus, Tobin is our best whistler, and sometimes that is the key to calming a fussy Benjamin.

There are many things that I appreciate about our birthday boy, but tonight I'm especially grateful for the love and affection that he showers on our little guy.  It is sweet, sweet, sweet to watch my 3rd and my 6th children together.

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Carol Slater said...

Nice that Tobin enjoys the younger child. My daughter was such a great help with her sister. I am thankful too. Happy Birthday to both boys