Sunday, June 21, 2015

What My Kids Say about Their Dad

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" 
~ Lydia M. Child ~

Does it still count if the voices aren't always...well...precisely gentle??  ;-)
On this Father's Day, one thing is for certain: my kids are BLESSED INDEED to have the daddy that God gave them...and along with that, I am BLESSED INDEED to share the delights and hardships of parenting with this man.

I asked my kids a day or two ago to tell me some things about their dad: what he's good at, what they appreciate about him, etc.  With very little involvement from me, this is what they came up with.

~ I like to play chess with him.

~ I like giving Dad love letters.

~ I like giving Dad hugs and kisses.

~ He likes to go grocery shopping.

~ I like wrestling with him.

~ I like him tickling me.

~ I like him hugging me and kissing me.

~ I like to help him in the garden.

~ I like playing chess with him and watching him play chess.

~ I like cutting his hair.

~ I like getting a haircut from Dad.

~ I like learning new languages with him.

~ I'm grateful that he works in the garden.

~ I'm grateful that he provides for us.

~ I'm grateful that he took us to the homeschool convention.

~ I'm grateful that he helped me with my horse house when I couldn't find a long nail and then when I couldn't hammer it in.

~ I like how Dad likes animals.

~ I like to hear him preach.

~ I'm grateful that he makes good taquitos and tacos and tostadas.

~ I'm grateful that he takes us on great vacations.

~ I'm grateful that he sometimes cooks bacon for us on Sunday mornings.

~ Dad is good at preaching.

~ Dad is good at making special memories for our family.

~ Dad is good at cutting hair.

~ Dad is good at gardening.

~ Dad is good at hammering.

~ Dad is good at making us laugh.

~ Dad is good at police work.

~ Dad is good at eating spicy stuff.

~ I'm glad that Dad makes salsa so he and I can eat it all up.

~ I like that Dad takes us out for breakfast.

And my personal favorite...  :)

~ I like that Dad married Mom!  :)
If I had to narrow down to a Top Five my personal list of Jeff's characteristics I'm especially grateful for, I'd have to say...

~ his provision for us (he's so responsible and hard-working and has always supported my desire to be a stay-at-home mom),

~ his protection of us,

~ the grace he continually extends to me in my short-comings,

~ the partnership we have in parenting and every other area (I value his input and advice SO MUCH),

~ his love for and loyalty to God that extends to his relationship with me and our children.

Of course, my list could go on and on, too, especially because each new year gives me new insights into who Jeff is...and I find more and more reasons to love, respect, and appreciate him.

Happy Father's Day, Jeff, from your biggest fans in the world!  We are BLESSED INDEED to have you!!!  :)

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