Saturday, June 27, 2015

Missing This Boy

Since my firstborn flew the nest earlier this week, I've been doing pretty good at holding myself together.  I have enjoyed following Josiah's schedule throughout each day and have been reminded often of what an incredible opportunity this is for him.  I'm so grateful he could go!  Additionally, I've been helped by the communication we've been able to have with him; a phone call goes a long way, as does texting, in helping hearts feel connected.  Besides all that, several of the choir moms on the trip have been taking pictures and posting them to Facebook; and I have been loving that!!  :)  So I've been doing fine - really!  :)

But last evening, the whole family was sitting in the living room together: Jeff and David on one couch, Tobin and Shav wrestling like lion cubs on the other one, Moriah in my lap in the rocking chair.  Outside the rain was falling, and my thoughts flew to Josiah.  It was so peaceful and cozy being all together, but a hole remained.  A Josiah-sized hole.

Later on, after I gave Moriah a bath, I was combing her damp, sweet-smelling, squeaky-clean hair (a task I never grow weary of); and she informed me that we should go pick up "Ty-ah" right then.  Ah, if only it were that easy.  :)

I guess I'm not the only one who's missing him!
Only 5 more days until his return!  :)

But really, I'm so happy for him with all the opportunities he's having.  :)

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sally said...

I'm so proud of you---for letting him go on this trip! I know you notice the hole, but think of the increased richness he will bring to your life, conversations, etc. for having gone on the trip. Hang in there! (And I sure hope he doesn't pick up a virus to bring home! It's fresh on my mind since I'm still recovering from one.)