Thursday, March 12, 2015

She Is DEFINITELY Her Daddy's Daughter

Every night at supper, Jeff eats chips & salsa.

Many evenings as the dinner hour approaches and as Moriah awaits her daddy's return from work, she pulls out his chair at the table, climbs up on it, and helps herself to the chips & salsa set out for Jeff.  Since we normally eat pretty late, I don't mind her having this as a small pre-dinner snack.
 She has certainly acquired Jeff's tastebuds!  ;-)
 A few evenings ago when I took these pictures...
 ...I knew she was munching on the chips.
But I wasn't sure if she was actually eating any of the salsa or not.  She has in the past, for sure; but I wondered if she was on this particular evening, so I half-secretly watched her.
 I smiled big when I saw her pull a chip out of the bag, carefully dip it into the salsa...
...and then lay it on her brother Tobin's plate!!  What a nice gift for him: a pre-dipped, incredibly spicy chip! :)

She makes me laugh...

...and she is DEFINITELY her daddy's daughter!  ;-)

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