Saturday, March 14, 2015

I Kinda Feel like I Cheated...

...because here on this Super Pi Day, the closest I could come to serving pie was this Cherry Delight...
...which is nothing more than a lite version of cherry cheeseCAKE, but it's made with a graham cracker PIE crust, so it counts.

Especially today, which was full with swimming lessons for Josiah and David, a quick stop at the downtown farmer's market for my favorite breadsticks ever (seriously. favorite ever.), a stop at the library for Josiah to ask if he could hang up a poster announcing an upcoming Junior Strings concert that he and David will be participating in (the library already had a poster up about it, but it was still a worthwhile stop, because it's good practice for Josiah to learn how to conduct such business), a stop at the barber shop to drop off Josiah to stay there the rest of the day to sweep the hair up for all the barbers, then off to drop David at gymnastics, while I and the younger three took a huge load of recycling to the recycling place (we normally don't accumulate such a massive load, but the recent, recurrent snow prevented us from going sooner), then we returned to pick up David, then stopped at Walmart to buy two things--a birthday card and a small gift for our next-door neighbor (and we actually stuck to our list and only bought two things! a rarity for us at Walmart).  And then home.  Home sweet home.

It was a good day, to be sure, but not one that left me much time for pie-making, and that's why whipping up a quick Cherry Delight dessert seemed to be the best way to celebrate Pi Day.  :)
You might think that, by celebrating Pi Day, I'm some kind of math enthusiast; but that wouldn't exactly be correct. ;-)  In fact, last evening as we were talking about pi at the dinner table, I was saying that a few days earlier, I had told the boys that pi had never been "solved," that the pattern had never been found to repeat.  "Oh, but it has," Jeff corrected me.

"REALLY?"  I was incredulous.  What kind of a homeschooler am I, if I can't even get that fact right?  *gulp*   ;-)

Then Jeff proceeded to pull out his phone and look up some info about pi on it.  As he started to read it aloud, I looked over his shoulder and read it myself...until I got completely confused...which occurred approximately a sentence and a half into the first paragraph.  ;-)

I told the boys that, if someone were to do a scan of my brain, they would likely see a completely dark area in the ______ lobe (whichever lobe it is that controls higher math thinking).  There seems to be a whole section of my mind that is completely dead.  Oh well, I guess for some people, the section of their brains that could listen to a piece of music and then figure out if it's written by Scarlatti or by Smetana isn't developed as much as mine is.  We're all ignorant in some areas.  ;-)
So if I'm not much of a math whiz, why do I even care about celebrating Pi Day?  Simply because it gives me another excuse to make an ordinary day into a celebration and, by doing so, show an extra measure of love to my family.  I don't feel like I ALWAYS have to make a pie on Pi Day, and some years I won't; but I'll tell you that my meager efforts today to whip up a Cherry Delight were amply rewarded when David, for example, said after polishing off his piece, "Out of five stars, this gets seven!" and Shav, who is not much of a dessert fan at all but who had a serving of Cherry Delight tonight, declared, "This gets a million out of a million!"
Amply rewarded indeed.  :)


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! Can you send some my way? Aunt Helen

Davene Grace said...

Aunt Helen, I'd love to! Better yet, how about you drop in and help us finish off the leftovers? ;-)

Valerie said...

I had big intentions to celebrate pi day... and wound up doing nothing. NOTHING! The kids were bummed. Mommy fail. Joseph's math was even discussing pi on Friday and still I skipped out. Not even a store bought pie. We did have Chick Fil A for lunch though, does that make up for no pie? :)

That dessert that you made looks amazing. I think I just paid for something very similar at the deli counter a few days ago. (never shop hungry!) I tasted it and thought "I should make this!" but I had no idea what it was called. (The name given at the deli counter was not helpful for googling a recipe)