Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Week Ago, We Were...

...enjoying a snow day!  Our church service was cancelled; but the sun came out, and the kids took advantage of the comparative warmth (seriously, after single-digit temps, freezing feels wonderful...and anything above 32 degrees seems downright toasty!) ;-) to play.  And, in Moriah's case, of course, to eat snow!  :)

Note: I stayed indoors by the woodstove (where it really was toasty!) and shot all these pictures through the window, so you *might* see some smudges.  I mean, really, it's not likely; after all, I wash my windows on a weekly basis--at least!  ;-)  But just in case you notice something that looks a little off, that might be why.  ;-)

 This week was different, however.  Sunday morning found Jeff taking the older three boys to church, while I stayed home with Moriah and Shav.  Shav's dear little tummy was upset, so it turned out to be a very good thing that we stayed home!  I don't usually get to gaze at this face so much on a Sunday morning, but today, I didn't mind a bit.  :)
I am hopeful, however, that next Sunday, we'll all be back to normal and will be able to once again attend a church service together as a family!  :)

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Emily said...

What awesome pictures! I love the ones off Jeff with the boys. You can see how happy they all are. I can practically hear the laughter! What great memories.