Friday, March 6, 2015

Ordinary Family Life

Tonight was pretty ordinary; but in the midst of it all, I looked around and thought, "My ordinary life is AWESOME.  I can't believe I get to have this!"

Jeff was bringing delight to the hearts of our three oldest sons by playing Settlers of Catan with them.

I was cleaning out and organizing the storage bench by the front door; it had become a dumping ground for quite a collection of random gloves, hats, scarves, toys, books, etc.  But before I got to the point of putting the newly-organized hats and gloves back in, someone else hopped in.
Or rather, two someones.  ;-)
Shav and Moriah are such good buddies...
...most of the time.  :)
Meanwhile, Willow was doing this.
Ordinary stuff on an ordinary night in the life of an ordinary family.

Sometimes life is hard--it's had plenty of those moments this week.  Often my house is dirtier than I would like--it's that way right now.  Never do I feel like I am on top of things in every area--I'm always dropping the ball somewhere as I juggle my responsibilities.

But tonight, I was able, for a little while, to look past the dirt and the fatigue and the near-constant sense of being overwhelmed... see the wonder of it all!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely!! Gail

Keri On said...

You are indeed rich!😀