Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Riven Rock 2017 {Chapter One}

Our first trip to Riven Rock this year, and we discovered that the water was cold and deep.  Well, the water is always cold there, but this was the deepest we'd seen it for quite a while.  All the rain we've been having has not only kept our garden well-watered, but has also kept this mountain stream flowing with more force than it usually does.  The boys ventured in with more caution than they normally do (and Shav even chose to wear his life jacket part of the time), but neither the chill of the water nor the rushing power could dampen spirits.  It was a delightful afternoon.  :)

I took a million pictures, more or less ;-), so I'll post a bunch without saying anything.  Well, without saying much.  ;-)

 Tobin's body language in the picture below makes me smile.  It was definitely cold.  :)

 Benjamin's reaction to the cold water was somewhat less than enthusiastic.  ;-)  Not AT ALL like his big brother Tobin's was when he was the same age!!!

So much beauty!!

 Dear, faithful Jed.

 Shav was laughing here.  His laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

 At this point, Josiah got sort of swept along by the water, much to his surprise.  He went under and wasn't in any real danger, but boy, was it cold...and the force of the water was more than he expected.
 We knew he was perfectly safe, so we felt free to laugh at him.  ;-)

 The next six pictures were taken by Shav.  :)

 Just one of the gorgeous butterflies we saw there.

 Benjamin loves to scoot around so much, but I didn't want him to because I didn't want him to tear up his legs...or his swimming suit, for that matter!  So I took things to keep him happy in a stationary position.  :)

After we played a while at our first spot, we moved down to the slab and enjoyed the rest of the time there.
 Jed got to do a little swimming, too.  ;-)

 David was eager to come up the river from our first spot to our second spot.  It took him longer than he expected, but of course, he was up for the challenge.  He thrives on it.  :)

 Moriah would only go so far before she wanted to be carried the rest of the way.  Her wish was granted.  :)

 Josiah is such a kind big brother.  :)
And that includes my account of our first trek to this cherished spot this year.  How grateful I am for the many happy moments we've spent there already...and the ones that will be added in the future to the treasure chest of my heart!

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