Thursday, May 4, 2017

Reckless Gardening for the Win

I remember my mother always being such a careful gardener.

I have inherited many traits from her, but that is one I somehow missed altogether!!  ;-)  

My mother listened to radio shows with gardening experts.  She read newspaper columns about gardening.  She had quite a few books about gardening--and what's more, she regularly consulted those books and learned what was the best way to do whatever she was wanting to do in the garden.

I, on the other hand?  Well, I might do a quick search on the internet to find out some info, and then I dive right in, with or without any expert knowledge being applied to the situation (usually without!).  Sometimes, my efforts flop.  

Oh, but sometimes, they succeed.  :)

Take these tulips, for instance.  Now there's nothing too finicky about tulips; but the bulbs I bought were clearly labeled on the package, in big letters no less, that they were to be planted in the fall.

Well, I never got around to it.

But on February 7, I spotted those bulbs and thought, "WHY NOT?"  So into the ground they went.

And then...

...they grew.

And bloomed.

And filled an otherwise bare corner with glorious springtime beauty.

These pictures were taken as they were just beginning to bloom.  It was even more magnificent when they had all burst open.  But just as I wasn't too careful in the planting of them, neither was I too careful in the photographing of them, so I missed the height of their glory.

Missed it photographically, that is.  In real life, I sure saw it.  :)

Sometimes, even when I can't get my act together to do things exactly right, they still turn out just fine.

What a relief!  :)

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