Friday, December 9, 2016

The Quilts that Grandma Made

Some years ago (don't ask me how many), Jeff's mom gave him a quilt she had made (for his birthday, if my memory is correct, which it might not be!).  That quilt has shown up many times in pictures on this blog--most recently, in this post from earlier this week in which you can see the quilt on the back of the little couch that Josiah and Benjamin are on.  Besides the fact that it features the rich earth tones that Jeff is so fond of, we love it for how warm and cozy it is, a fact I can readily attest to because of the warm and cozy nap I had under it just this afternoon!  :)

The next time Jeff's mom gave us a quilt she had made was when Moriah was born; this time, it was a cheerful, feminine! :), soft mixture of pinks and greens and yellows.  You can see it in this blog post, although I probably have better pictures somewhere else.

When Jeff visited his mother in California during the summer before Benjamin was born, he conveyed to her my wish that she would make a quilt for Benjamin; and while there, they visited a fabric store, sent me pictures of possible fabrics, and together we decided on the materials that would be used for Benjamin's quilt...which she then made and brought with her when she arrived soon after he was born.  Here is Benjamin on it when he was one week old, and here he is at one month.  I continued to use that quilt for his monthly pictures, and someday...oh, someday!...I will finish that series of monthly posts about Benjamin's first year of life.  :)

I had no idea whatsoever that my dear mother-in-law would be making another quilt and carrying it east with her to Virginia; but soon after she got here for this last visit, she carried something up from her room and handed it to me.  It was, to my utter surprise, a quilt she made for me.  :)
Look at these fabrics--just look at them!  Are they not perfect for me??  Music, a piano keyboard, blue and white (my all-time favorite color combination), even the snowflakes in the wintery piece of material--it is all ME!
My heart was filled with joy at this unexpected, wonderfully thoughtful gift.  I like all of the quilts she has made for us through the years; but without a doubt, this one is my favorite.  :)


Emily said...

All of those quilts are beautiful! Handmade quilts are the best! My mother in law has made several blankets for Madeline and they are always the first blankets I reach for. I think the love that goes into making them makes them so much warmer and more cozy than any other blanket.

Valerie said...

I love it! It is so very you! It looks so comfy too. What a sweet MIL you have :)