Monday, December 12, 2016

The OTHER December Birthday

When "December" and "birthday" are put together in one sentence, the mind automatically turns to Jesus--and rightfully so!  But there's another special man in my life whose birthday we celebrate in December, too.  :)

Jeff turned 46 yesterday, and we celebrated with a quieter-than-normal Sunday--church service in the morning, then lunch here at home with my parents, then a nap on the couch by the woodstove for Jeff, then a game of Settlers of Catan with the four oldest boys (they LOVE it when their dad plays with them), then Jeff watched The Princess Bride with Josiah and David for the first time (first time for Josiah and David, that is...Jeff had watched it years ago).  This season of life is so busy that having time here at home with our family was a wonderful gift!
Some years, I write a lot about Jeff for his birthday; and those blog posts are fun to look back on.  But this year, I feel a little different.  Quieter, I guess.
Yesterday at the lunch table, Jeff was opening his cards and reading them aloud; but when he opened the one from me and started reading my handwritten message to him that began with "My beloved...", my cheeks flamed scarlet, and I begged him to stop reading it to the family and instead wait until later when he could read it to himself.  It wasn't that there was anything in there that was inappropriate for young ears!  ;-)  But I felt like the thoughts I expressed were ones that I hold so dear to my heart--so deep in my heart.  It was hard to imagine them being cast out into the air over top of the carne asade tacos resting on the table.  ;-)
 Even today, I still feel that way.  Jeff is my most belovedest of beloveds in the whole entire world, and this phase of our love is so intensely sweet to my soul.  We're past the thrill of puppy love, but I wouldn't return even if I could.  We've weathered some storms, and I'm glad they're behind us; I know there will be more in the future.  But the depth and the richness and the security and the lavishness of the love we share, at age 46 and age 40, nearly two decades into our marriage, is unspeakably precious to me.
So precious, in fact, that it ties my tongue and beckons me to contemplate it in quietness and solitude.

And so I conclude, on the outside, with a simple, public "happy birthday!" wish...and, on the inside, with a never-run-dry well of gratitude and love for this man God has given me to and has given to me.

Happy 46th, my beloved!

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Emily said...

What a beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday Jeff!
*side note* Princess Bride is one of our family's all time favourite movies ever! My dad and I quote it pretty much every time we see each other!