Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Two Favorite Gifts

Ah, Christmas!  There is so much to say about it, so many pictures to share.  Tonight the task feels overwhelming, so I'll start small.  

Let me tell you about my two favorite gifts I received this year.  :)

Our friends Ryan and Sarah (they show up in the last picture in this post and have become DEAR friends to us this year!) gave us a new ornament for our tree--eight bears on it, and on each hat, the name of one of the members of our family.  I was so moved when Jeff opened this gift on Christmas morning that I cried.  It is now my favorite ornament.  :)
And secondly, as Christmas approached, Jeff had asked me what I wanted; and after having a hard time coming up with something, I finally decided that a new Bible would be absolutely wonderful to have--preferably something with larger print than the small one I had been using.  When I looked online and found this one, I was delighted, and excitedly sent Jeff a link.  I was so hoping it would be under the Christmas tree for me on Christmas morning, and indeed it was (along with some special highlighters and pens designed for use in Bibles).
Not only does it have large print, it also has journaling space along the outside margin of each page.  I LOVE THIS.  I take great joy in writing in my Bible, but have had to try to fit cramped words into tiny margins for a long time.  But no more.  :)
You know, there really wasn't anything I needed for Christmas, but the amount of joy these items have brought me is tremendous.  I am so grateful for the thoughtful givers who blessed me with these!

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