Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Big Day for Benjamin

It wasn't that long ago that Benjamin reached the milestone of sitting up by himself; but as it turned out, he suddenly got in a rush and jumped ahead to the next milestone.  Eight days after the sitting-up milestone, Benjamin pulled himself up to a standing position for the first time!

It happened yesterday while Benjamin was playing with some toys in his room as I did some work in the other rooms upstairs.  I was going in and out of my room (which adjoins his) and "happened" to go into my room and stand by my dresser, from which I had a diagonal view right into his room, at the precise moment that Benjamin grabbed hold of the side of this brown cube and managed to hoist himself up into a standing position.  
You can imagine how wildly I cheered, and the other kids came running at double speed to see their littlest brother's achievement.
One of the advantages of being the sixth child in a family is having a rather large cheering section at any given time.  ;-)
I did not have my camera in hand to capture the exact moment when Benjamin stood up for the first time, but I snapped the above pictures just a few minutes later while he was still feeling the thrill of what he had accomplished.  :)  And later, I took this picture of him playing with Moriah...
...just because he's so dear, and cute, and cuddly in his cozy sleeper, and loved.

Very, very loved.


Sally said...

He is so cute! What a thrill that he can stand now! I'm sure he's loving it, and so is the rest of your family. I miss those moments....

Valerie said...

Yay Benjamin!