Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wordless Wednesday {Project of the Day: Front Flowerbed}


Valerie said...

SO much to say, where do I start?

HOW do you still have that stroller?! My heart skipped a beat when I saw it, as it is the same exact stroller we had for Joseph. We traded ours in for a double stroller a kid or two later. Man, so many memories... :)

We have some work to do on our flower beds as well, only my little bundle of cuteness will not sit in the stroller as sweetly as your Benjamin. She has to be moving or it's not ok with her. Needless to say, the flower beds just sit there... growing weeds. One of these days I will get out there and make them look as nice as yours. :)

Last thing.. What did you put down in the beds? What was the white liner before the mulch? Looks hefty and impressive. Tell me your secrets! :)

Davene Grace said...

Valerie, you make me smile. :)

We've had that stroller since we got it YEARS ago for Josiah. I guess we just never throw anything away!! :) When we had Shav so quickly after Tobin, some kind friends gave us a double stroller, and we used that for quite a while. But since Moriah is plenty old enough to walk, this old single stroller works well for Benjamin. AND it brings back lots of sweet memories when I use it! :)

Believe me when I say that not all of my flowerbeds look this nice. As a matter of fact, NONE of them do; I've only worked much in this one this year! It's taken me all summer to get the weeds down and get it mulched, and now it's too late for beautiful flowers this year. But next year!! :)

Benjamin is following the example of his big siblings and being "late" in his large motor skills (although he's extremely good in his fine motor skills), so yes, he just sits there. I'm OK with that. ;-)

The white liner in the bed looks more impressive than it is! It's actually just paper from the newspaper office; it comes on a big roll and is the end of a roll (I think) that is too short for them to print newspapers on. This particular roll was given to us, but I've heard that it is CHEAP to get one at the office.

That paper isn't thick enough to hold down weeds for very long; but between it, the random pieces of cardboard I had laying around that I could put down, and the mulch, hopefully it will keep down the weeds this fall. And then by spring, that bed will be ready to be planted. :) I have high hopes!!! :)