Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Welcoming Baby Benjamin Home

Three days ago, Benjamin turned 11 months old--a vivid reminder to me that time is marching on, and my project to get all the major events of his first year of life blogged about before his second year begins had better be bumped up a little higher on the priority list if I'm going to accomplish it!

When I left off the story of his birth, we had just left the hospital on a gorgeous Monday morning and were heading home; but just like we did when Moriah was born, we made a special stop on our way at the barbershop so the other workers there could see Benjamin in person.  :)

And then we continued homeward and were greeted by enthusiastic children who ran headlong across the lawn when they saw us pull in the driveway.  Moriah was still wearing her nightgown, but nobody cared because WE WERE HOME AND BENJAMIN WAS WITH US!  The greetings began in the driveway...

...and extended into the house.  Benjamin was NOT as excited as his older siblings were...  ;-)
...but they gathered around him, despite his wails, and began to get acquainted.
These pictures MOVE me.  Benjamin had NO IDEA how much love was waiting for him from these big brothers and sister of his!
Just as in the hospital, David got to be the first to hold Benjamin; and all the rest lined up, ready for their turns.
See Tobin with his arms outstretched, eagerly awaiting his chance to hold his new baby brother?  I LOVE that!  :)

 Oh, the tenderness!

One thing I notice in these pictures is how often an extra hand or two was reached out towards Benjamin.  They were all so eager to touch him!
Later that day, Benjamin had some time to relax in his bouncy seat (yes, this bouncy seat)...
...and I admired the welcome home message on our whiteboard...
...and a special picture that Jeff had concocted and let the children add their sweet messages to.  :)
It was so, so good to be home with our new baby--our beloved little caboose that perfectly completed our family.
Our one-of-a-kind, warmly-welcomed, and already-adored Benjamin Caleb!  ♥

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Carol Slater said...

Benjamin was and still is loved by many. He will be a bright and beautiful young man. Your family is perfect with him added to it.