Saturday, November 7, 2015

Somebody's Peeking at Me

I was giving Moriah a bath this evening; and when I turned around from the tub, I discovered that somebody was peeking in the bathroom at me.
 Why, hello there, little fellow!
 Aren't you a cuddly little bundle, just hanging out, kicking your heels and waving your hands on your playmat?
 I think, Benjamin, that you and I are part of a very wonderful Mutual Admiration Society: you like to look at me, and I love to watch you!  :)
I'm not the only one who's incredibly fond of our newest little lovebug, however.  Shav wanted to cuddle with his little brother earlier today; and after I placed Benjamin on his lap, he requested, "Picture, please!"  :)
Yes, of course.  I'd be delighted to have a picture of this.  :)

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Emily said...

What a little sweetheart! Such a little cuddle bug!