Thursday, November 5, 2015

Applesauce-Making: It's Better with Friends

One of the blessings of my life, which is especially pronounced because I came back home to live in the community in which I grew up, is the fact that I have a number of people in my life that have known me "forever."  There's something special about the friends who knew me when I was five years old, who saw me with gaps in my grin as I lost my baby teeth, who were around when I sported my trademark Uneven Bang haircut, who clapped after I sang the solo "Germs" in the musical Down by the Creek Bank, and who still are kind enough to be my friends to this day!  :)

It's been a pleasure to reconnect recently with one such person--Erin, who came over with her family not long ago for an evening of fun and games.  Since we're both in this area, I had seen her from time to time during the past few years; but now that we have children in the same music class, I see her much more often and have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to get to know her better as adults.  

She came over again yesterday; but this time, it was to work.  :)

We tackled two bushels of apples and made them into applesauce--half for her and half for me.  We didn't have to do all the work, however.  
Her children helped, as did mine--when they weren't off jumping on the trampoline together, or drawing pictures for each other, or eating a picnic lunch outside on the patio in this gorgeous weather (so warm for November!).   :)
 What's more, Erin's mom came to help for a while, too; and I was delighted to have her here.  She helped pass the time by telling stories about my parents from the years when I was a little girl.  Now that I'm as old as they were during those years, I see them in a whole new light; and hearing stories like those that Barbara told yesterday is such a joy since it helps to flesh out the picture I have of them.
 Having Erin and Barbara here did so much to keep the applesauce-making process flow along smoothly, especially when I needed to do things like nurse Benjamin; they stepped right in and took over and were a phenomenal help.  But even more, the time spent doing this project became a golden treasure...

...because it was time spent with friends!

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sally said...

I can only imagine what a wonderful time it was. So glad for all of you!