Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Bulletin Board Project

Remember the bulletin board I mentioned in this post?  Well, OK, you probably don't.  That's to be expected.  :)

But I remember it, and the reason is simple: I get to see it every day!  :)

After being hidden away in a closet for years, I finally pulled out the bulletin board and got it ready to hang on the wall--to not only add a little color to a blank space, but also to help in our homeschool.

Here's the blank wall, see?
Pretty empty, right?  ;-)

And the bulletin board, also blank.
I went to the fabric store to get a piece of cloth to cover it.  I had figured out that I would buy one yard of cloth, and I sternly instructed myself beforehand not to get anything with "straight" lines that would be glaringly obvious if I didn't get it lined up perfectly.  But wouldn't you know, as soon as I saw this fabric--which reminds me of a combination of Pennsylvania Dutch designs and Middle Eastern motifs--I lost my head and decided to get it--straight lines and all.  It was a moment of wildness, I tell you!  ;-)
Then, when I went to the counter to buy it, I asked the lady for one yard.  "We don't sell this fabric by the yard," she explained. "We sell it by the panel because of the design."

Well, that makes sense.  And speaking of sense, I should have had the good sense to take the tape measure out of my purse and measure the cloth exactly to see if I needed one panel or two; but with keeping an eye on Tobin, Shav, and Moriah who were "helping" me shop, and feeling pressure from the growing line of customers behind me, I instead quickly blurted out, "I'll take two panels then."

I came home and discovered that was twice as much as I needed.

At least my mistake wasn't too costly.  All in all, I only paid $12.59 for the fabric; and now I have some extra to do something else with, right?  Someday?  Years from now, when I am once again inspired to do more than just the tasks that provide for our basic needs?  ;-)
One night when Jeff was away on police duty, I got to work on this board...and finished it that same night, which gave me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  :)
This brown wall hanging was given me by my sister-in-law Lori, probably when we first moved back from Israel and into this home; and I do hope that whatever else my home may be (busy, noisy, energetic, dirty--you know, the normal stuff) ;-), it will, most importantly, be a place of deep, overflowing love.
I scrounged around in the closet downstairs and found some music-note stationary--perfect for printing out the memory verses that we learn as we sing them.  :)
One of the most helpful things on this board is the list below.  So many times, I have felt like the tasks of homeschooling are OVERWHELMING, and I can never get them all done.  Seeing it written out like this made me realize the subjects we're committed to studying this year are NOT limitless; and even if we don't get to every subject every day (we don't), at least I know that I'm not being as neglectful of my children's education as I once feared!  ;)
I also included the Pledge of Allegiance...
...for the simple reason that it came to my attention recently that my children have never memorized the Pledge.  Clearly that needed to change!  ;-)
The finished project!
No more blank wall.

Much more inspiration!!  :)


Homeschool on the Croft said...

I love it! What beautiful material that is :)

And precious words hanging from it too :)
A x

Bekahcubed said...

I remembered the board! And what you did with it is both lovely and functional. Perfect!