Monday, August 7, 2017

His Dear Little Voice

Last night, during a wonderful, relaxing, stay-at-home evening, I was more aware than usual of Benjamin talking as he toddled around, playing with this and that.  "If what all the older moms say is true," I thought, "this stage will be gone in the blink of an eye.  It's time to pick up a camera and try to capture it before that happens."

The results...
Benjamin was having the best time toting around this toy microphone and occasionally singing/speaking into it.
The challenge of making videos of him comes when he becomes aware that I'm pointing the camera (err, the phone) in his direction.  And then of course, he wants to see what's on the screen!
But finally, I was able to catch him walking back and forth by the couch, pushing along this LEGO car that Tobin (I think) had made.
Someday, I'll wish that I could travel back in time and revisit a normal Sunday evening when Benjamin was still a baby toddler.

With these videos, I can--sort of!  :)

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